Eclipse Fleet LLC

Although our name is new in the industry, our management team has over 40 years in the truck building industry.

Our design is simple in nature in that we are advocates for our customers; refurbishing fleet equipment with the customer in mind.

The formation of our company was introduced by our customers' needs. Their dissatisfaction with other refurbishing companies' business practice and quality has brought our company to life.

Our commitment to quality, service and fair pricing has driven our company to a path of growth and longevity.

We don't hide behind the industry's status quos. We do what our customers need and demand.

The innovations we have introduced set the bench mark for other companies in the market place.

We have formed partnerships with a select few in order to provide additional services to our customers. We constantly look to introduce ideas and products to enhance the daily activities our customers are involed with. It is our feeling that we are here to be partners with rather than a supplier to our people.


Trailer Refurbishing

Refurbished trailer
From box trailers to beverage trailers, we offer complete trailer refurbishing. Save money and have your fleet looking like new. Contact us today for your free estimate.

Door Repair

Repaired doors
Custom door repair for all makes and models of beverage delivery trucks and trailers.


We carry a full line of commonly used replacement parts.

Heavy Duty Equipment

Heavy duty equipment image
Contact us about painting heavy duty equipment.